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We know one of the most important features required running your own server is Safe, Secure and Easily acceessed backups. This is why we allow you to use your own Google drive to download and upload your own backups.

SQL Database

Every game server comes with one SQL database which can be accessed through our game panel.


Most of our games that we hosting takes advantage of Steam workshop. This is why we have a built version inside our panel allowing you to upload, update and delete any mods without leaving RSG.


We have our own Discord bot allowing you to edit and send commands such as GO/STOP/RESTART to your server.

GitHub Support

Use our panel to install anything off GitHub straight to your panel. Saving you time and hassle.

SmartWall DDoS Protection

All our servers are protected from up to 100Gbps of DDoS attacks utilising Corero’s Smartwall technology.

  • File Manager
  • Mod Manager
  • Sub Users
  • Steam workshop
  • FTP
  • FastDL

  • SQL Database

  • Mod Manager

Not a single issue throughout the entirety of the time I’ve hosted with them. Excellent customer support, easy to use user interface which is simple to navigate.

Reliable servers, I’ve never experienced downtime myself personally. The owner is a great guy and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied. Overall, if there was any more stars I could rate him; I would.

Look no further!


Runaway servers have been nothing but amazing

AMAZING they have helped my community at every turn

and got back to me almost instantly

Thank you

couldnt recommend enough


Webhost & Server host! Fantastic!
I am having my webserver and GMod server hosted with Runawayservers, and it is all running smoothly. If there is any issues, the staff will support and help out as much as possible. They go above and beyond what is needed, and does a great job! Recomending them 5/5 stars!

Fred L.

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